Entry #1


2013-12-08 12:27:44 by UbiHard69

Our group name is UbiHard

UbiHard is an independent group of dedicated and talented Rayman fans. We’re artists, animators, voice actors and designers. We’ll be working on funny and sexy parody’s about Rayman, along with art creation, and even Hentai and Flash games ;3

Our team:

djmixen: artist / animator / writer

MassMystery69: sound design / voice actress

RoRo-Royerboat: artist / animator / voice actress

AniVids: voice actor

Oddrich: color artist

Foxmaster5: color artist



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2013-12-08 15:57:28

Let's get to work, shall we?

UbiHard69 responds:

Still waiting for those nymph voice demos lol